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Estimating & Planning

We believe to give our customers the most accurate advise, it is always best that one of our experienced surveyors come out to your project to view it. From this we can advise on the best subfloor preparation and best suited floor covering. Thats why we offer free estimations and planning to all of our customers.

Our surveyor will bring out a variety of flooring samples and brochures when attending your project along with a portfolio of our previous installations.

When attending projects it is common procedure that we will carry out moisture tests on the subfloor.

Why is moisture testing so critical to the success of a flooring installation?

Prior to installing a resilient or textile floorcovering, it is essential to ensure that the subfloor incorporates an effective damp proof membrane, in accordance with British Standards BS 8203 and BS 5325, respectively.

Moisture testing is performed by measuring the Relative Humidity (RH) level within a subfloor. Where the relative humidity (RH) is above 75%, the installation should not proceed as the excess moisture in the floor can result in blistering of the floorcovering or complete failure of the flooring installation. This may result in expensive and lengthy remedial work, including the possibility of an expensive rip out, to allow the subfloor to dry naturally or apply an appropriate waterproof surface treatment.

By testing the subfloor for moisture at the outset, this can be avoided and moisture can be effectively dealt with prior to the installation of floor coverings.