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Vinyl Loose Lay Flooring

The ease of install, removal and repair of vinyl loose lay flooring makes it a popular choice for commercial applications.

1st Choice Flooring Solutions in Wolverhampton are specialists in commercial vinyl loose lay flooring.  We partner with a number of leading brands to provide you with the very best quality loose lay flooring, and at the best prices.

Vinyl loose lay flooring is a type of flooring installation method where the individual planks or tiles of flooring are not glued, nailed or clicked together, but rather laid loosely on top of the subfloor or existing flooring. The weight of the flooring material and friction between the planks or tiles and the subfloor hold the flooring in place.

Loose lay flooring offers several advantages. It can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for specialised tools or adhesives. It is also easy to remove and replace individual planks or tiles, making it a convenient option for areas that may require frequent maintenance or updates.

Loose lay flooring is available in a range of materials, including vinyl, and also as carpet tiles, and engineered hardwood. It is often used in areas with high foot traffic, such as retail spaces, offices, and schools, due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

Our Vinyl Loose Lay Flooring Partners

We partner with leading loose lay flooring brands who are as committed as we are to delivering quality products at the best prices.

Altro Flooring

Altro Xpresslay is a recyclable and adhesive-free general purpose safety flooring, ideal for when downtime is an issue and speed of installation critical.

Amtico Flooring

Amtico Access Collection is easy to fit, simple to maintain and perfect for raised access flooring.  Great solution for quick turnaround commercial refits.

Gerflor Flooring

Offering a wide range of vinyl loose lay flooring solutions with clever innovative interlocking technology.  Fast, clean & dry installation.

Kahrs Flooring

Kahrs Luxury Tiles Loose Lay Wood Collection consists of a range of modular floors which are easy and fast to install, featuring a non-slip reverse side requiring no adhesive.

Karndean Flooring

The Karndean Loose Lay Collection features a wide-ranging palette of colour, as well as traditional oak looks, contemporary blends and exotic spices and popular stone effects.

Polyflor Flooring

The Polyflor Loose Lay range compromises of ranges available in sheets, tiles or planks.  Can be installed over sub-floors and can promote excellent indoor air quality.

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