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If you are looking for a commercial flooring solution that reduces noise transmission, you will need to install commercial acoustic flooring.

Acoustic flooring is designed to reduce noise transmission and improve sound insulation within a space. It achieves this by absorbing, dampening, or blocking sound waves, thereby creating a quieter and more comfortable environment. Acoustic flooring can be beneficial in various settings where noise control is a priority.

We take great pride in supplying our customers with the highest quality acoustic flooring which is installed professionally and is guaranteed to meet the safety, traffic and sound insulation requirements of your commercial space in Telford.


Gerflor acoustic flooring in Telford

How Commercial Acoustic Flooring Reduces Noise Transmission

Sound Absorption

Acoustic flooring materials are designed to absorb sound waves, converting sound energy into heat. This reduces sound reflections and echoes within a room, creating a more acoustically balanced environment. Sound absorption is especially effective in spaces with hard surfaces, where sound tends to bounce and amplify.

Impact Noise Reduction

Acoustic flooring often includes resilient materials that can absorb and dampen impact noise, such as footsteps or the movement of furniture. This helps to prevent the transmission of vibrations through the floor and reduces the sound transmitted to the spaces below, making it ideal for multi-level buildings.

Airborne Sound Insulation

Acoustic flooring can act as a barrier against airborne sounds, preventing sound from travelling between rooms or from outside sources. This is especially important in spaces where privacy and confidentiality are essential, such as conference rooms, offices, and healthcare facilities.

Underfoot Noise Reduction

In certain environments, such as classrooms or libraries, reducing underfoot noise can be crucial to maintaining a focused and quiet atmosphere. Acoustic flooring can help to minimise distracting noises caused by foot traffic.

Acoustic flooring for healthcare environments

Will your business in Telford benefit from acoustic flooring?

These are the environments where acoustic flooring could improve noise transmission:

Offices and Workspaces: Open-plan offices and collaborative work environments can be noisy due to conversations and various activities. Acoustic flooring can help reduce noise distractions, improving productivity and employee well-being.

Educational Facilities: Schools, colleges, and universities often have multiple classrooms and study areas in close proximity. Acoustic flooring can create a more conducive learning environment by reducing noise transmission between spaces.

Healthcare Settings: In hospitals and healthcare facilities, maintaining a quiet environment is crucial for patient recovery and privacy. Acoustic flooring can help reduce noise in hallways and patient rooms, promoting a healing atmosphere.

Hospitality Industry: Hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues often have high foot traffic and multiple areas where noise control is essential. Acoustic flooring can enhance the comfort and enjoyment of patrons by minimizing noise disturbances.

Residential Buildings: In multi-story residential buildings, acoustic flooring can be beneficial for reducing noise between floors and apartments, creating a quieter living environment.
Retail Spaces: Retail stores can be noisy due to customer conversations and foot traffic. Acoustic flooring can help create a more pleasant shopping experience by reducing ambient noise.

Gyms and Fitness Centres: In fitness facilities, impact noise from exercise equipment and activities can be bothersome to users and neighbouring spaces. Acoustic flooring can help dampen these noises and create a more enjoyable workout environment.

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