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Subfloor Preparation

Professional subfloor preparation that provides a stable and level base for your new flooring.

For a perfect floor finish, it’s crucial to ensure there is a flat and even subfloor, with no lumps or bumps that will impact the floor installed.

At 1st Choice Flooring Solutions, we have a skilled team of installers in Wolverhampton and across the West Midlands who carry out all work to the highest standards, and at a competitive price.  Our installers are all DBS checked and CSCS certified flooring fitters.

We will need to survey the condition of the existing subfloor to determine what work needs to be done.  We will need to clear away any debris and clean it as much as is possible.

Timber subfloors

If the subfloor is timber, we will check the joists and thickness of the subfloor which may affect its stability, as well as ensuring the plywood sheets are secure and that any timber is in good condition.

Concrete subfloors

If the subfloor is concrete, any imperfections may need scarifying to create a clean smooth surface.  We may need to use a self-levelling screed which will level out any uneven areas, and will cover any holes and blemishes to leave a flat smooth finish.

Moisture in the subfloor

We will both concrete and wooden subfloors for dampness before installation. If dampness is detected, we will address the problem by removing excess moisture and humidity before proceeding with the new floor installation.

A damp proof membrane may be necessary, especially when there’s excessive moisture from below that needs to be controlled to protect the new flooring.

Leading brand subfloor product suppliers

We choose to use leading brands for our subfloor preparation projects, brands who are as committed to delivering quality products at competitive prices as we are.


F. Ball & Co Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of floor preparation products and adhesives for the contract flooring industry. The products offer proven reliability for application in many sectors, including commercial, retail, education, healthcare and leisure.


UZIN provides the UK’s flooring professionals with ecological, innovative and high quality products and solutions. From new installations to renovation of all types of floor coverings – smoothing compounds, adhesives, damp-proofing systems and more.


Mapei is a family-run business founded in Italy, who has become a leading player in the building industry operating worldwide. Epoxy, polyurethane and cementitious flooring materials that help businesses to upgrade floors quickly and efficiently.


Ultrafloor offers a range of premium specialist materials suitable for the subfloor preparation in commercial and industrial applications. Materials include smoothing underlayments, repair compounds, moisture protection and primer.


Ardex is the quality leader for the flooring and tiling sectors, and the brand of choice for installers and distributors. Ardex offer a large range of flooring materials that will achieve floor perfection.


Tremco is a leading supplier of damp proof membranes, flooring adhesives, smoothing compounds, liquid applied systems and reinforced bitumen membranes (RBM) systems.

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