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Acoustic Flooring

Acoustic flooring reduces noise transmission between floors, creating a more peaceful and comfortable environment.

1st Choice Flooring Solutions in Wolverhampton are specialists in the supply and install of acoustic flooring.

Acoustic flooring can help to reduce noise as well as creating the best acoustic environment for your application.

If you are primarily needing to reduce the transmission of impact sound, such as from foot traffic or from noisy machinery, acoustic flooring works well and will insulate impact noise, so preventing it from transmitting into spaces below.

If you are needing to prevent the transmission of airborne sound, such as from people, speakers or instruments, we can provide an acoustic flooring solution that can absorb the amount of airborne noise that is lost between two rooms, and so preventing its transmission.

Acoustic flooring is available in many different materials. Carpet is renowned for its sound absorbing properties, and is used widely to help reduce noise. We also supply and install cork flooring, rubber flooring and luxury vinyl flooring which also have outstanding sound absorption properties.

Our Acoustic Flooring Partners

We partner with leading acoustic flooring brands who are as committed to delivering quality products at competitive prices as we are.

Altro Flooring

Altro Serenade is a high design acoustic flooring product with 19dB acoustic performance and comfort underfoot. It features a reduced emboss to ensure easier cleaning without compromising its technical performance.

Polyflor Flooring

Poyflor offers high performance, compact, sheet vinyl acoustic floor coverings in a multi-layer construction. Available in an extensive range of engaging and innovative pattern finishes and colour options, making the design possibilities endless.

Gerflor Flooring

Gerflor offers a wide range of vinyl acoustic flooring with efficient sound insulation up to 19 dB. Also available with anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatments, ideal for healthcare and leisure sectors.

Forbo Flooring

A specialist in acoustic floors with more than 30 years’ experience, Forbo offers a range of acoustic floor covering solutions across both sheet and tile products, with impact sound ranging between 14-19 dB.

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