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How to choose the right flooring for your commercial premises

The type of flooring your company needs will depend on the nature of your business.

Most commercial flooring needs to be durable as large numbers of people use it on a daily basis. It may also need to provide industry-specific qualities, such as safety flooring in commercial premises where slippages are a hazard.

Safety flooring for hazardous environments

Slips, trips and falls are common causes of injuries in the workplace. To ensure safety at work, there’s a broad range of health and safety legislation to prevent harm.

High levels of safety are necessary in leisure centres, care homes, and veterinary surgeries. While these environments are very different, they all need to protect visitors and staff. Non-slip flooring is essential in these settings, and it can be achieved with vinyl, linoleum, and rubber flooring solutions. Or even carpet tiles, depending on the usage of a room.

If high levels of cleanliness and hygiene are also required, you need a flooring solution that can be cleaned quickly. It should be resistant to bacterial growth with smooth lines, so there are no crevices for germs to flourish.

Durable flooring for heavy footfall

In retail outlets, it’s important to use a hardwearing flooring material that can withstand constant usage.

Vinyl and luxury vinyl are popular as they’re water-resistant and easy to clean. Footprints and spillages can be mopped up quickly. It’s also comfortable underfoot, making it ideal for premises that receive lots of visitors.

Vinyl flooring is hardwearing enough to cope with busy commercial environments. And because there’s such a vast range of styles and colours to choose from, it’s perfect for businesses that want a flooring solution that harmonises with their corporate image.

Customisable flooring solutions

As mentioned above, vinyl is perfect if you want to use your flooring to reinforce your branding within your commercial premises. Customising your flooring is a highly visual way of displaying your corporate identity to visitors to your premises.

Using the latest technology, logos and company designs can be printed onto all types of flooring material. It’s simple to design vinyl flooring, linoleum, and customised carpeting to display your company brand.

Quiet flooring for offices

In a work setting where concentration is needed, carpet tiles provide a practical and stylish solution. Highly durable carpet tiles offer comfort underfoot and reduce noise from footsteps and scraping chairs.

Carpet tiles come in a vast array of colours and patterns. They can also be printed with corporate imagery.

Another advantage of carpet tiles in commercial premises is that they can be used as signage or to define different sections of a room. For example, you can use coloured or printed carpet tiles to guide visitors in the right direction through offices. Or to differentiate breakout or communal areas.

The beauty of carpet tiles is that individual tiles can be lifted and changed without affecting the rest of the floor. You can easily change the position of individual tiles if you’re using them as signage. Or you can replace tiles that are worn without having to replace the whole floor.

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