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Commercial Flooring Trends 2023

Exploring the latest trends in commercial flooring

In 2023, there has been a focus on sustainability in the manufacture of flooring and a trend for nature-inspired styles.

And, in addition to beautiful-looking flooring, companies are increasingly searching for the practical benefits that high-tech flooring solutions can offer their business.

The latest high-performing flooring solutions

These days, businesses are looking for that bit extra from their flooring. Cutting-edge technology has brought about innovations in flooring manufacture to provide more than just durability and style.

The latest flooring products now offer sound reduction properties, making them ideal for specific environments, such as offices, libraries and study halls. As well as reducing noise, commercial flooring also has new waterproof technology and anti-bacterial coatings. This type of flooring does more than just enhance the appearance of your commercial premises.

For example, if you need a surface that must be watertight, safe and hygienic, Altro is at the forefront of safety floor manufacturing. It offers slip-resistant flooring that exceeds safety standards and reduces the risk of slips and falls. It also incorporates Altro Easyclean for industry-leading cleanability.

The need for sustainable flooring

While manufacturers are using technology to bring additional benefits to their flooring products, they’re also endeavouring to use more sustainable materials.

Bio-based and recycled materials are frequently incorporated into manufacture. Recycled rubber, reclaimed wood, and linoleum produced from natural materials are increasingly being used in the production of new flooring solutions.

In addition to the environmental benefits due to the sustainability of these products, these new flooring solutions are designed to last longer. The longevity of the material offers a significant reduction in waste.

By designing durable flooring solutions, the need for replacement is cut dramatically. As a result, there’s less waste, and ongoing maintenance is reduced.

When you invest in sustainable commercial flooring, you save money in the long term and help to save valuable natural resources.

At 1st Choice Flooring, we partner with leading manufacturers of sustainable commercial flooring solutions, including Polyflor. As a company, Polyflor strives to reduce carbon emissions across its operations with responsible sourcing and recycling initiatives. They’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and conform to ISO 14001 and are ISO 9001 accredited.

Their products are extensively used in healthcare, education, retail, housing, commercial, leisure, pharmaceutical, electronics and transport. Polyflor flooring solutions include safety flooring, homogeneous vinyl floors, sports flooring, acoustic flooring, heterogeneous floors, rubber floors and LVT flooring.

The trend for naturally inspired flooring

The focus on sustainability and natural flooring products extends to design styles with a current trend for nature-inspired flooring.

Light wood finishes are increasingly popular, including white oak and pine. Engineered wood provides a sustainable option with none of the warping problems you can experience with real wood.

The textures that form part of modern flooring finishes give character to light and neutral shades. It’s not just about the look, it’s also about the feel – and new design techniques offer highly authentic woodgrain detail.

Browns are a practical alternative to black if you prefer a darker shade, as they blend more harmoniously with natural colours. You can combine brown with green, terracotta or beige for an outdoor feel.

For a natural wood finish that’s sustainable and easy to install, Kährs offers highly innovative flooring solutions. Their products, including the multi-layer board and the glue-less Woodloc® locking joint, have made Kährs market leaders in the global wooden flooring industry.

Kährs flooring can be found in homes, offices, shops, hotels, concert halls, theatres and sports arenas in more than 70 countries.

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